i was thinking that our invitations could be these, and we could have favor boxes (we can just put some sweets in) like these! they really tie in with our floral theme (:

also, i was thinking i could make fabric flowers and put them around the place! here are some i previously made for a friend’s birthday present – here and here.

so exciting! and sushi and tea sounds good..but i think it’ll have to be sushi and ICED tea because the weather’s so hot haha (:




You know, the more I spell flowers, the more I start to think there’s something wrong with the spelling. flowers,flowers,flowers,flowers…

I keep thinking of what to do with our favourite flowers since we were thinking of doing a floral themed party.

Tulips,Lilies,Roses&Hibiscuses.Hmm.What to do, what to do…?

Hey charm!! We should have some sushi at the party.FINGERFOOD(:(:(: Tea with sushiiii. Starting to sound a little oriental eh?

idea overflow,


paisley and cream

July 7, 2009

i was excitedly showing these to andrea yesterday, after we swam (and ate sushi of course). the cupcakes from paisley and cream are really lovely! i’ve bought them quite a few times for friends, and when andrea and i were wondering what cake we should have, i immediately thought of this place.


trio cupcakes


lollipops (made of cake)! they’re so cute.

okay but we’ve yet to find out the prices! the cupcakes they sell at the cafe itself are quite reasonably priced, but the custom ones may cost a bomb.

<3, charmaine

here we are

July 7, 2009

hi everyone (: andrea and i will be starting proper planning for our birthday party real soon, and we’ll be posting pictures and ideas and everything else that we find here!

when we were thinking of what to call this..we just put 2 of our favourite things together – and we got swimmingsushi. hahaha it sounds really stupid at first, but the name grows on you and soon you’ll think it’s cute, trust me.

<3, charmaine